Cable Tray & G.I. Strip

About Cable tray and G.I Strip

Ideal Electrifyshop have complete range of industrial cable trays and G.I. Strips, which are innovative in design, easy to install and cost-effective in usage. As these trays come in Hot Dip Galvanized powder coated finish, these are corrosion resistant and can be used in outdoor spaces. These trays are ideal to support large volume of network cables and also assist in providing smooth transition around obstacles.

We provide our clients a wide range of cable trays which are available in a wide variety of quality metals and finishes. These cable trays are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or glass-fiber reinforced plastic. These trays can be used in stores and dwellings.

Our range of cable trays includes perforated cable trays, steel ladder cable trays, flooring raceway, trunking and cable tray accessories. This range is renowned for varied features such as resistance to corrosion, strength and durability. We also offer customization options as per the client requirement.

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