About Eldon

Founded in 1922 in Nässjö, Sweden, the original company, was called Elekto Ljus & Kraft, name that was changed to AB Eldon-Verken in 1948.

Eldon literally means “devices for electricity” in Swedish, a representative name for a company manufacturing enclosures designed to protect highly sensitive electrical and electronic components.

Initially building electrical installation equipment and selling radios, the latest invention at the time, they soon began manufacturing a junction box designed for the use with electric ovens.

Eldon is a privately held company headquartered in Madrid, Spain, and a global manufacturer of standard and customized enclosure solutions for the industrial and building markets.

Product manufacturing is developed in several European production facilities and a plant in Umbergaon, India. The company has 6 distribution centers and is present in 45 countries around the world.

Eldon offers several ranges of products:

  • Mild steel and stainless steel wall mounted enclosures
  • Mild steel and stainless steel floor standing enclosures
  • Console systems — mild steel and stainless steel consoles for control & automation applications
  • Polyester enclosures
  • Terminal boxes — over 160 standard sizes in six different types of material
  • Thermal management — products used to maintain the right temperature and protect sensitive components inside
  • EMC shielded enclosures — enclosures with zinc plated frames or produced in stainless steel which can withstand the main enemy of EMI, corrosion
  • Swing-arms range
  • General accessories — a variety of common components necessary for completing different application

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