About Precision

Precision Round Conduit PVC Pipes & Fittings are manufactured from a specially formulated unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) to meet the most stringent Indian and International standards. Our products are made of Extra Super High Impact materials which make them safe to use in harsh environments. The products are manufactured in accordance with IS: 9537 Part 3, BS: EN 61386 - 21 for UPVC conduits, IS: 3419 and BS: 4607 for UPVC fittings. 

Channelising Concealed & Surface wiring
Telecommunication & Cable ducting.

Various diameters & grades
Low, medium & heavy mechanical stress, to suit various applications & site conditions
Easy & fast installation
Wide range of component maximises application
Durable & impact resistant
Fire retardant
Corrosion free
Thermal resistant from -5˚C to +60˚C. Precision circular boxes & adaptable boxes are provided with M4 brass insert with a load suspension capacity of 3 Kgs at 60˚C.

Black, Grey, Ivory & White.
Other colours available on a made-to-order basis.

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